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All for Love: An Exploration of Yoga


Have you wondered about why yoga is so effective and powerful?

Have you wanted to learn how to cultivate your own yoga practice?

Do you want to know more about how to integrate the full practice of yoga into your daily life?

All for Love: An Exploration of Yoga is an offering based on the elements of yoga and Ayurveda that influenced my growth and practice. I am devoted to the practice of yoga and to sharing it with others. Above all, I have learned that love and kindness are the foundation of living well. It is not always an easy path. I can assure you that it is a worthwhile exploration that will enhance and transform you. I have designed this offering based on my own direct experience to offer you guidance in your personal exploration of yoga. Yoga is a living tradition. It is meant to be applied to every aspect of our lives.  

Whether you are completely new to the practice of yoga, have had some practice under your belt, or have completed teacher training, this offering is for you. Each time we study with others, we learn new ways of interpreting yoga that influence new perspectives and growth. 

This is a five month in person offering. One weekend per month. 


In this offering, participants will:

  • Explore fundamental Anatomy & Physiology of the Human Body

  • Explore about the energetic (subtle) anatomy of Yoga and how it impacts the practice

  • Embody the gifts of yoga to cultivate self-regulation, adaptability and resilience.

  • Create and cultivate your own sustainable home practice

  • Learn to modify poses for your personal needs

  • Explore the philosophy of yoga through an exploration of important foundation texts of yoga and how to implement the teachings to inform your daily exploration of yoga

  • Learn Ayurvedic practices to cultivate balance and harmony in the body through self-care

  • Build community with others who are dedicated to growth, learning, and love

  • Challenge yourself to live to your highest potential (and perhaps discover that purpose too!)

  • And much more!

Participant Responsibilities:

  • ​This is embodied learning - no tests - just receiving and sharing what is true for you!

  • Because we learn from each other when exploring yoga, you will be asked to complete homework assignments (reading, journaling, contemplation exercises, home yoga practice, etc) to prepare for each session.

  • Participate in Gathering Circles honoring the Agreements of the circle.

  • Participate as fully as you are able in all discussions.

  • Arrive on-time and ready to participate.

  • Participate in all-levels asana classes on training days

  • Commit to participating in all sessions of this offering. This commitment is to yourself and to the other participants.

  • Provide a safe, open, and welcoming environment for all participants through mindful listening and speaking.

  • Bring your full, beautiful, radiant self to all sessions!

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