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Private Study

Private study is an opportunity to have one-on-one attention to address your specific needs. 

When Life Is Hard

There are times in life when things feel hard. Perhaps you have experienced an unexpected change or loss. Perhaps  you feel unfulfilled. You may be feeling doubt, confusion, sadness, grief, fear. These are times that yoga can be valuable and supportive. Like all humans, I have experienced all emotional ups and downs. What I share is the power of the practice to navigate life's challenges with grace, strength, and courage.

Staci in eagle arms b&w.jpeg
Staci in eagle arms b&w.jpeg

In Transition

At some point in our lives, we all find ourselves in transition. Transitions can be wonderful opportunities for growth. For many of us, transitions can come with uncertainty, doubt, and often a bit of fear. The practice of yoga is powerful in these moments of transition because it provides a stable foundation to know yourself better so that you can follow your intuitive guidance as you move through the transition to success. I also weave in the tools that helped me successfully navigate transitions! Together we find what is right for you!

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